What we offer

Grass Roots Nursery Pond / Water Garden Supplies And Service

Residential Water Feature Design

Commercial Water Feature  Design

Professional Installation  


Water Testing

Landscaping Service

Pond and Waterfall Repair / Renovation

Spring Pond Openings

Fall and Winter Pond Closings

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What We Offer


Custom Biological Filters

Hardy Aquatic Plants

Fairy Garden Supplies.

Grass Roots Nursery Pond / Water Garden supplies. Just to name a few

Tropical Aquatic Plants

Grass Roots Nursery Pond Or Water Garden Supplies and Services

What we do.

Grass Roots Nursery offers honest, educated service, time tested pond products and techniques, healthy livestock, and experienced installation services for your backyard pond.  You can put our 40 years of experience to work for you!

Pond supplies and critters

Grass Roots Nursery