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 Grass Roots Nursery Pond Water Garden Supplies And Service

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When you come to Grass Roots Nursery you will notice a few things that make us different from many other nurseries. We specialize in aquatics and we are growers. You are visiting an aquatic nursery.

At Grass Roots Nursery we carry pond water garden supplies. We are happy to answer questions, and assist with any merchandise that we carry in store. We believe that once you have the needed information you can make your own decision. That means we need to get out of the way so you can decide. We have water gardens or water features so we can relax. Pushy sales people are not our answer.

As the sign describes...... We are pretty relaxed. You can expect to be greeted with a smile, and asked if you need any help. And our experienced sales team will be happy to assist you. On days that are slow (or we are tired) do not be surprised if you are invited on the nickle tour.  We can show you around to various areas of our operation, find a wagon to put merchandise in, and hand feed some of our koi and butterfly koi.