Everything Else

You need it, we have it! Grass Roots is your one stop pond shop with all of your necessities and more! We offer everything starting from the soil up. In store, we have various rubber liner sizes, cut to fit as well as the protective underlay to ensure the durability of your pond. We carry the most popular sizes and models of skimmers, filters, UV sterilizers, pumps, and all of your plumbing fittings to connect the dots. 

Along side the essentials, we also provide you with outstanding home grown aquatic plants. We offer both annual and perenial varieties that are guaranteed to liven up your water garden. We even have a few of our very own hybrid plants!


Grass Roots offers a weekly pond maintenance schedule where we come to your home or business and go through a check list to make sure your system is operating properly. We will net out any unwanted material, clean skimmers, adjust pH and salt levels, and add our live bacteria to keep your pond running clean and clear for the duration of the season.


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If the plants haven't added enough life to your system, then you have to take a look at the different critters you can add to really bring some excitement to your water garden! Here at Grass Roots, we boast our Koi and Butterfly Koi selection. We house a variety of grades, sizes, and colors! Along with our Koi, we carry a few other varieties of ornamental pond fish, tadpoles, crayfish, snails, and minnows!

If you have any questions about the products or services we provide, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide any information or prices about the products we carry. If you are interested in our services, quotes are available upon request. Instant quotes may not be available due to many factors, including: location, size, materials used, time, etc. Though quotes may not be instant, we ensure you that we will be as prompt as possible!

To keep your aquatic system in tip top shape, we have everything you need to operate and maintain it all year round. We house aeration kits, pond heaters, pond netting, bacteria, pH related products, pond salt, barley, fish food, plant fertilizer, and pond lighting. There is too much to list! Trust us when we say, we have everything you need and more. Come and visit us sometime to see for yourself!

Koi & Critters

Every spring we take our clients and our own ponds down to bare rubber and remove the prior season's scum and muck. We drain and power wash/rinse the ponds and filter material to perfection. In the mean time the plants are kept wet in our tubs and prepared for the spring if necessary. We stress the safety of your pets and ensure the careful handling of them when coming in and out of your pond. We make sure to inspect them to make sure no ailments have been picked up throughout the winter while they sit in their temporary, but oxygen rich holding tanks. Once the pond is refilled, chlorine is gone, salt and bacteria are added, and plants and critters are back swimming, we clean up our mess and get out of your hair so you can once again enjoy your "like-new" pond for another season.

Pond Cleanings


With our 45 years of landscape experience and 30+ years of pond experience, we are more than qualified to create a beautiful escape at your home or business. We offer pond/pondless water feature installations and landscaping. We often connect it all with patios or other masonry features. Grass Roots has truly done it all! Year after year we install custom oases all over the area and will continue to bring our clients visions to fruition. Our work speaks for itself. Please take a look at just a few examples in our gallery.